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My blog is kinda  not active at the moment.Please if you happen to follow me, please don’t unfollow me?Pretty Please? Saw a lot of people go  it makes me kinda sad….

I appreciate everyone who watches me even when I don’t talk much. So I would be grateful if you stay! :)

Thank you in advance!

Have a nice time everyone!:)

…In the light of recent “Hannibal “episodes I therefore pronounce Bedelia De Maurier the smartest person alive and whole in this series….She is my hero really.

Also for the way Alana is deluded if I need to quote Jack from Mass Effect ( probably not the exact quote) “You let anyone that close, he will just need a shorter knife”

( nothing against the “pairing” but it really is a one way thing. Meaning Alana -as deluded what that man really is may have feelings but that it is. Hannibal doesn’t love anyone. He uses anyone as his tools. He could only love inanimate objects. Even then it is all about getting his pleasure of enjoying stuff….)

….I am not sure I can continue watch  this thing. Really. I loved the first season, but I kind of don’t like where the second is going…They focus too much visualizing his crimes and not enough on the psychological part of it and his connections to the others like it was in the first season……I will try to keep extracting  the cool stuff that is left in there until it stops existing….

It is NOT hate post. Just sharing my feelings especially after yesterday….It is just not fair I felt like after I finished Mass Effect 3….Not good…and  empty.

  • Hannibal Season 1/2 relations: (Hannibal /Bedelia )


You are wearing a very well tailored person suit….

I see enough of you to see the truth of you…. And I like you.


I’ve had to draw…. a conclusion…. based on what I’ve glimpsed through the stitching of the person suit you wear…

And the conclusion that I have drawn is…. that you are….dangerous.

Please, do not come to my home again.

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